Q Who is a typical project member?

A Anyone who loves learning, wants to try something different, learn a new culture and gain super work experience

Q How and when should I apply?

A The earlier the better. Places are limited. Project fees can also change closer to the date of the project.

Q How long are the projects?

A Projects are from 3 weeks, 1 month, 2 months to 3 months.

Q What if I have to change my dates?

A For those that apply early this is usually an option. The cut-off point for changes is 1st March.

Q Can I extend my project?

A No this is not possible due to the way the project is structured and the way accommodation works. You need to decide your confirmed duration if you are selected and once you fully accept the place.

Q If accepted as a member of the team what is included under a project fee?

A Please see our facts section under each specific project.

Q What is the payment schedule?

A For those selected a deposit is required to confirm the place. This is non-refundable. It can be reduced if necessary. Remaining payment is very flexible and agreed with each project member individually.

Q Do I need a visa?

A Project members from USA/Canada or Australia simply require a holiday visa. Those within the EU require no visa. Those project members from other countries are usually required to ask their local Embassy as to what visa is required.

Q If I have been selected when will I get all my final information?

A Approximately 4 weeks before each project begins all project members receive our 'Word from the Team' information via email which covers all aspects of the project and any updated information. If any issues are not covered, all project members have around 4 weeks in advance to contact us.

Q Can I arrive earlier?

A You can of course arrive earlier but you may not be able to check into your accommodation until the first day of the project. Check out is on the final day of the project.

Q What should I pack?

A This is covered in the word from the team information all project members receive 4 weeks before the project begins.

Q What about Travel Insurance?

A All project members must have valid travel insurance throughout the entire duration of the project.

Q What do project members get out of the project?

A Apart from the memories and experience – for all project members who work well on the project we are happy to supply verbal and written references if required and they are free to add any of their activities to their CV/Resume or Portfolio. It is up to the individual although we have had many success stories of those who have gained working positions in their chosen field with help from the CTR projects.

Q Can I extend my project?

A Unfortunately you have to select your date prior to departure. Due to the way the project is timetabled and with regards to accommodation it is not possible to choose 1 month and later state you wish to stay 2 months or 3 months.

Q When is the deadline to apply?

A We close our applications once the last project member has been selected which means that it can be anytime. There is however a trend that our applications do close close earlier each year.

Q When can I book my travel arrangements?

A You must wait until you receive a confirmed place before booking any travel arrangements.

Q Do I need a visa?

A Most project members do not require a visa to join our projects.

During the Project

Q What happens on day 1?

A This is included in the Word from the Team document. Projects usually start with a detailed orientation meeting with staff.

Q What will my accommodations be like?

A Accommodation is in most cases in shared apartments. Usually you will have a room-mate(s), depending on project.

Q How much spending money will I need?

A This depends on location and is covered in the Word from the Team. Project members usually have food costs and travel costs as daily costs and free-time costs. Berlin has the cheapest living costs with project members usually spending anything from €2.50-€4 at lunch. Evenings between €3-€6.

For Parents/Guardians

Q How supervised are the project activities?

A For most project related activities that are included in our schedule at least 1 member of staff accompanies the group. The number of staff depends on the activity, size of group and location.

Q How old are the travellers and how many people are in a group?

A This varies and depends on location. Berlin has the biggest group size. Approximately 100 project members attend the project throughout the summer all coming for different periods of time. Ages vary from 18-30.

Q Can my son/daughter do laundry during the trip?

A Yes – They receive information on where they can do this in the Word from the Team document.

Q What kinds of accommodation do you use?

A Accommodation is usually in shared apartments and all accommodation is thoroughly researched. Accommodation is fully furnished, clean and to a good standard. What is included in the accommodation is mentioned in the application form.

Q What about travel arrangements?

A Once a place has been fully confirmed a project member can book travel arrangements. We require to know what day, date and exact time they are arriving at the location and whether they are arriving at the airport, bus station or train station. A member of the team meets them and brings them to the accommodation on arrival day.

Q Will my son/daughter be flying with his/her friends?

A Some project members are on the same flight. We can let each project member know 1 week prior to departure if they wish to be notified.

Q How do I contact my son/daughter during the project?

A We have a contact number in our Word from the Team which can be used in the case of an emergency. Contacting friends, family and relatives is the sole responsibility of the project members.

Q Are there any meet-ups before hand?

A We have been featured in a number of places including online, trade magazines and also via word of mouth. Generally before the start of a project most project members like to meet up with each other for the first time on location as this is part of the experience and anticipation. We no longer set up any official chat forums for project members about to join a project as it takes us a great deal of time and resources to do this. Also our company policy requires us to contact every single project member for their permission to be included. Due to data protection we cannot share contact details with other project members without prior authorisation. We do however have an official facebook site here which features all updates: www.facebook.com/citytravelreview Also a number of other networks including Twitter: twitter.com/Citytravel and a youtube channel: www.youtube.com/user/citytravelreview


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