Barcelona project

Barcelona is another one of our newer projects most similar to our Madrid project however focussing and capturing more on the cultural side of Catalonia.

Caltalonian culture

During the mornings project member take part in cultural classes and gain an insight into catalan the differences between Catalonia and the rest of Spain and learning some important vocabulary, phrases and general way of life in Catalonia.

During the afternoons the project members create a travel guide aimed at young people visiting Barcelona for the first time. They incorporate their personal experiences and teachings into the online e-book which is published at the end of the study working gap project.

It is an amazing opportunity to be involved in working within a fun creative team in order to create a super online travel guide. Project members get to see Barcelona first hand and are usually out and about discovering all the entertainment, history and things to do in the city of Barcelona.

citytravelreview looks for fun, motivated young people that love learning and working in a creative environment. Those that are interested or have experience in - fashion, history, journalism, travel writing, marketing, culture, languages or just want to do something different to add to their CV/resume and gain a real life learning working experience!

For more details on Barcelona please contact us on info@citytravelreview for a full project schedule which includes all details on dates, the application process, the project fee and the finer details.

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