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Study working gap placements – Research another culture , city and create an online travel guide. (involves learning a language, research, reporting, travel writing, design, creative aspects, working in a team gaining a real life holiday working experience)

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There is an incredible opportunity to join one of our groups in the cultured French city of LYON. The Lyon programme incorporates French language training classes at our base camp. Whether brushing up on your French language that you've already acquired, or learning the basics from scratch, this is the surefire way to get to grips with the language and the culture. You learn a language much more easily and quickly if you’re living in the country where it’s spoken. There’s more than one reason to learn a new language as there is more to a language than just words. CTR language courses incorporate local culture, history, geography, religion, customs and current affairs within the programme. A new language brings a whole new way of thinking with it, and therefore a much deeper understanding of the people who shape it and use it.

Project members work together within a team on a creative travel writing research project. This year’s Project members will be designing and creating a tourist guide aimed at students and young people coming to Lyon, the programme merges lessons learnt from French class that can be integrated within the guide.

Project members experience first hand all the entertainment Lyon has to offer visitors, such as museums, parks, city beaches, bars, clubs and magnificent buildings and history. Project members conduct interviews, write reviews on entertainment, up and coming areas and must-dos when you visit this history-filled city. After compiling the reviews, the group is then responsible for the design, photography, graphics and layout of the booklet. The guide, for us as an independent private company is non-profit making although project members gain full copy rights and have sold copies in the past and continue to do so. We make copies available to the public audience mainly online which can be downloaded as an e-book or ordered as a hardcopy online.

The project schedule usually incorporates language classes during the mornings and in the afternoons the project members are involved in workshops, and other project related activities and visits helping in the production of a stunning online travel guide at the end. See recent guides on our website

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