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Past life regression - magzaine article about Berlin

Barcelona has long been a beacon for artists and creative types across Spain, drawing them to its bright lights with the promise of a life less ordinary. Following in the footsteps of Picasso, Dali and Gaudi, Araaya Peralta moved to the city nine years ago and was immediately smitten. ‘It was so easy to live here after the other cities’, says the artist who grew up between Caracas and Madrid. ‘You can walk everywhere, afford to live in in the centre and take advantage of all its culture, much of which is free.’

Peralta is now making a name as one of the city’s brightest young things. She’s currently working on a series of visceral portraits that reflect uncontrolled emotions. ‘It’s about all the stuff we repress. It’s amazing to be part of the moment when someone suddenly expresses this, whether it’s in the form of a scream, rage or pure ecstasy.’

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