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Past life regression - magzaine article about Berlin

Past Life Regression

Half a century after the Berlin Wall went up, trendy locals are enjoying a revival of interest in all things "Ost"

This year, Germany marks the 50th anniversary since the Berlin wall was built – and it's got locals refelecting again about life behind the walls. In the city, there's been a return to smoky, candle-lit bars serving up old-fashioned drinks, a run on retro furnishings at antique flea markets, and new restaurants and hotels decked out in traditional East German Kitsch.

Known as Ostalgie (from the German words for 'east' and 'nostalgia'), the trend first emerged in the 1990s in former eastern-bloc Germany, culminating in various campaigns for the return of vintage foodstuffs, like Vita Cola, the survival of Osssie Crosswalk Man (the fedora-wearing East German traffic-light symbol) and films like 1999's Sonnenalle it harks back to the era from 1961, when the Wall was built, and East Berlin was controlled by the German Democratic Republic (GDR), through to 1989 when it came down. Now a new generation of Germans are enjoying a second wave of the Ostalgie trend and partying like it's still 1969.

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