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10 must dos in Edinburgh experienced by past citytravelreview project members

  1. Visit Edinburgh castle

    No-one should leave the city without having walked around the astonishing and world-famous medieval castle which dominates the skyline. Afterwards you can relax below in Princes Street Gardens with the castle towering about you.

  2. Eat Haggis in the Royal Mile

    Located in the historic heart of the city, you can dive into Scotland’s past while exploring the one mile long street by foot. Sounds exhausting? Then pop into the pub The Tass to try the traditional and unique Scottish Haggis.

  3. Climb up Arthur’s Seat

    Edinburgh is known for its seven hills, so you should not miss climbing up the highest one – Arthur’s Seat – which is an extinct volcano. An enlightening and interesting activity – you will be delighted with the most spectacular view over the city!

  4. Experience Camera Obscura and World of Illusions

    Have fun with your friends trying out interactive optical illusions and fun things to do on five floors. And besides, you have a stunning view from the rooftop terrace!

  5. Join one of Edinburgh’s most famous festivals

    August is the month where the city boasts loads of amazing festivals. If you are interested in film, art, books, music, theatre or politics – there is something for everyone!

  6. Check out the various museums

    Meeting Tyrannosaurus Rex, craftsmen of the 18th century and R. L. Stevenson in just one day isn’t possible? In Edinburgh – the city of countless museums – it is, even without money, because admission is almost always free.

  7. Visit Leith

    Located in the north of Edinburgh is the old port of Leith, the home of the Royal Yacht Britannia. Discover what life was like on the Queen’s former floating home or enjoy the beautiful landscape strolling along the Water of Leith Walkway.

  8. Get a quirky tartan fashion item

    The main shopping area of Scotland’s capital is Princes Street. You will be impressed by the multitude of unique boutiques including both high street fashion and souvenir shops. So, don’t forget your purse!

  9. Go to a show at Edinburgh Playhouse

    Culture is intrinsically tied to Edinburgh, that’s why you shouldn’t leave the city without taking in a show at the Edinburgh Playhouse. It offers a wide range of entertainment – from world famous musicals to national artists.

  10. Enjoy a night in a wee pub with some traditional Scottish Whisky

    You should spend your last night in Edinburgh in one of the small pubs drinking a Scotch whisky and dancing to typical Scottish music. Those who don’t drink any alcohol will stay awake with a glass of Irn Bru.

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